Helen Fredrica Price was the fourth child and the second daughter of Joseph “Joe” Price and his wife, Helen Elizabeth “Lizzie” Leslie. She was born in Toronto on January 5, 1898 and died in Oakville, Ontario on April 1, 1967.

She married Harold Harber “Harley” Warner on September 22, 1923 in a ceremony at her home on Glen Manor Drive in the Beach district of Toronto.

Harley and Helen had three children:

  1. Helen Elizabeth Warner
  2. Joseph Price Warner
  3. Harley Cecil Warner

Helen and Harley (Senior) were my paternal grandparents. Joseph Warner was my father.

It appears that Helen never liked the name “Fredrica.” All her life, she told people that her middle name was “Elizabeth,” like her mother’s. Even her gravestone is mistakenly inscribed “Helen Elizabeth Warner.” It was only after she died that her children learned the secret she had kept from them for so long.


Grandma Helen’s Risqué Taste in Reading

Helen Price and Harley Warner are Wed


Helen as a Child

Helen Fredrica Price with Easter Chicken 1899
Helen Price (with her basket and her pet chicken) in a photo that was probably taken at Easter time in 1899, in front of the Price family home in Buffalo, New York
Photo of Pearl Price as a child and her sister Helen as a todler
Helen (right) and her big sister Pearl, about 1900.
Photo of Helen and Frances Price as children with a friend
Helen (left) with sister Frances (centre) and an unidentified friend or family member. The photo was likely taken at Easter time of 1907 or 1908, when Helen was nine or ten and Frances was four or five.
Photo of Helen and Frances Prices as children with friends
Helen (left) and Frances (next to her), in a photo taken at the same time as the one above.

Helen in her Teen Years

Helen (right) and her sister Frances with one of their nieces, in 1912 or 1913. The baby is likely either Leslie‘s daughter Isabel Price (born April 1912) or Pearl‘s daughter Betty Lowden (born May 1913). Helen was fourteen or fifteen and Frances was nine or ten.
Helen Price on the Beach with Friends
Helen Price (left) with friends at the beach, in a photo probably taken about 1914.

Wherever you see a photograph with a handwritten label, the handwriting belongs to Helen’s daughter, Helen Elizabeth “Betty” Warner (1924 – 1979). Many of the photos on this site were part of her collection, which was passed down to her daughter who has kindly passed them on to me.

Helen as a Young Woman

Helen on the beach, date unknown.
Helen, date unknown. Notice she is using the the same parasol as in the picture above.
Helen with her father, her Uncle Leslie, and Leslie’s two children Isabel and JELP (who is still living) about 1917. Helen was about nineteen.
Helen Price as a Young Woman
Helen, in a photo probably taken in the early 1920s.
Helen, in a second photo from the same photography session as the one above. Note that she is wearing the same clothes.

In August (or possibly late July) of 1923, a month or so before their wedding, Helen and Harley went on a fishing trip. From the look of the landscape (below), it was probably in the Muskokas or a similar destination in the cottage country north of Toronto.

Helen Price Fishing
Fishing along the rocky lake shore, while simultaneously making eyes at her husband-to-be behind the camera.
Helen Price in a Boat
Relaxing with a magazine in her little boat in the rushes.

We know when the photo was taken because Helen is reading the August 1923 issue of The Red Book Magazine (see post: Grandma Helen’s Risqué Taste in Reading).

Helen as a Bride

Helen Price on her wedding day
Helen Price on her wedding day, September 22, 1923, in front of her home at 242 Glen Manor Drive, where the wedding ceremony took place.
Harold Harber Warner and Helen Price wedding photo
Helen with her husband, Harley Warner on their wedding day.
Harley and Helen in Wedding Photo
The wedding party: best man William Arthur “Art” Rook on the left and bridesmaid, Frances Price on the right. The flower girl is Helen’s niece, Betty Lowden, who is ten. The other little girl is another niece, four-year-old June Price.

Helen as a Mother

Helen Price with daughter Betty
Helen with her daughter Betty.
Helen with Joe and Betty
Helen with Betty and Joe.

Helen in Later Life

Pearl and Helen
Helen on the right, with her sister Pearl.
Helen with her son Joe and daughter-in-law Lorraine on their wedding day, May 28, 1949. Helen was fifty-one..
Helen Fredrica Price with Two Grandchildren
Helen with two of her three grandsons in June of 1953. That’s me on the left. The baby is my newborn brother.
Helen Price and Betty Warner
Helen, in the last years of her life, with her only daughter, Betty

Final Resting Place

Helen died in Oakville on April 1, 1967 and was buried in Saint John’s Norway Cemetery.

She is buried together with her husband, her father and mother, and her infant niece, Hazel.

You can see her memorial here.

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